Is there any plan among Mastodon contributes to add basic text formatting to posts?

I'm talking stuff like italics, bold, bullets, and numbering

It could be simply done by implementing the Markdown standard, right (I don't know anything about this stuff)

@thatsmycheesemonster you sur have found an old yet sensitive topi. Markdown is veing implemented but only on instances with certain code (not gargs)

@canary if my instance were to implement it, would it be viewable by people whose instance didn't implement it? If someone used Markdown punctuation without intending to style their font would it appear styled to people on my instance?

@thatsmycheesemonster the only reason they're still wounds is because some devs don't like to listen to their users (garg)

@canary @thatsmycheesemonster festering wounds are best re-opened frequently until they drain and start healing.

Yes, implementing some measure of formatting, or even just straight up Markdown support, on Mastodon or similar would, should, and could be easy.

Convincing those who control the source to do so in a consistent and extensible manner is unlikely to happen.

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