Hey does anybody know where I can offload a solid gold toilet? It's priced to sell, DM me

Anybody: landlords are charging way too much and many people cannot afford to pay rent and are getting evicted

Some guy that stopped showing up to econ 1 after the first week of classes: that's literally impossible um have you heard of a little thing called supply and demand?

CW: shooting, Seattle | I'm safe 

Bi invisibility - 

I guess he didn't really say this but it is true so I'll leave it


2020 is the year of the enby
2021 is the year of the enby
2022 is the year of t

Politics, Joe Biden, elder abuse 

Politics, Joe Biden, elder abuse 

Politics, Joe Biden, elder abuse 

For some reason the concept of "Old Town Road parody about tort reform" entered my head this morning and it won't leave

My husband: gonna crake my hornt

Me: wot

My husband: ya know like everyone says on mastodon, crake! C-R-A-I-C

Me: crake-ing it for the craic

First they came for the vapelords, and I did not speak up, for I did not vape

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