Is there any plan among Mastodon contributes to add basic text formatting to posts?

I'm talking stuff like italics, bold, bullets, and numbering

It could be simply done by implementing the Markdown standard, right (I don't know anything about this stuff)

*me, leaning out the window of my (stolen) Starfleet starship, drinking a Heineken*

Hey Picard! If you love the Prime Directive so much why don't you marry it?

*I chug the rest an throw my empty can at him, then launch into Warp, making him eat my space dust.*

Star trek, prime directive take, oppression 

Star trek, prime directive take, oppression 

Star trek, fascism 

The plot of Cats is that a bunch of cats introduce themselves

Uspol, Mike Gravel, debates 

Gonna start a petition to have them redesign all of the cats in Cats to look more like classic Sonic the Hedgehog

Can't wait for the film adaptation of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

Most of the trailers that I saw before spider Man looked like trash but the movie about the kid that going meaning in Bruce Springsteen looked pretty good

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