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I'm glad we spent 6 months making fun of people on here haha

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I can't even listen to my favorite music without thinking about how much I suck now

or how about when she blocked prisoners' access to transition related healthcare, and insisted on sending trans women to men's prisons, then later had the audacity to claim she had been 'working behind the scenes' to stop the institutional cruelty she fucking instituted?

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like she straight up refused an order by the highest court in the land to not keep people in inhumane conditions out of spite and a need for slave labour

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remember when kamala harris went against a supreme court order to release 5000 nonviolent offenders to relieve overcrowding in california prisons?

i think its terrifying that bringing up Kamala's bloody history in California is something people are not actually familiar with. shes a straight up fascist

I will have my one (1) government allotted celebratory brunch and then I will go back to being pissed off

i cannot stress enough that if you're transphobic i actively want you to not be alive

hold on a second i'm getting word that joe biden is also bad? did anyone know about this? what the hell

omg i was just reminded by @momjeans that this means Devos is done....😁🥰


ok ok I will admit I am extremely happy to have betsy devos gone forever and ever and ever and I hope she dies


going to make rick martinez's mole with chicken for shabbat one of these weeks

victory isn't an election result, it's a liberated concentration camp

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us pol, president biden 


ok now release those kids and innocent people from ICE camps ASAP now PLEASE.

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