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I love to receive a care package of N95 masks from my grandma so my husband can use them to go work in a facility that is open to the air on both sides of the building and who promised masks for their workers as part of the acceptable working conditions people agreed to come back and work under but they didn't get any because they were online only at costco

constantly in an all encompassing fit of rage but largely sitting quietly on the couch because I'm too mentally unwell to own a gun

i wouldn't think twice to end an ICE agent's life. It would be like crushing a bug

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personally if you don't shoot to kill every ICE agent in your eye line you're a weak as bitch

and a huge fuck you to the people for bernie twitter account, who in response to news breaking about the forced hysterectomies and other genocidal actions actively being carried out in ICE concentration camps, decided to post "Our system is so inherently patriarchal they didn't even think to preform safe and largely reversible vasectomies"

you can only say that the personal isn't political if you're unaffected by the politicization of your person

also I feel afraid to @ someone with a huge amount of followers on here but clout isn't real

why is this person so pressed about abuse they face on a daily basis??? so weird like calm down

saying men are trash hurts my feelings but I'm going to share memes about emotions vs facts and logic in response to an afab person getting emotional

emmagene out here being right about everything

I'm still reeling from weeks ago when a man on here said they didn't get why women were so interested in serial killers because they weren't personally afraid of random violence so it wasn't their cup of tea

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I'm beginning to think that none of y'all actually think about the depth of shit before you say anything

especially if you're going to immediately share harmful ass emotions vs facts and logic style memes before saying we've had a difference of opinion, again without realizing that there's an implicit power imbalance in our social standings just like the shit I've been trying to explain all morning and is 90% of the reason I cant just reply directly because I don't want your friends to come for me

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personally if you want to whine about people saying men are trash you can block me and also get fucked

Felons in Florida can't vote until they've paid off all their court fees. This effects around 700,000 people who have served their sentences. They mostly owe between $400.00 and $1000.00.

Florida's prison system, like the rest of the US, is racist, so this is an aspect of systemic disenfranchisement. Obviously the law needs to be changed, but in the mean time, you can donate to help people vote again.

Florida is, of course, a crucial swing state.

defeating misandry with facts and logic*

*blaming women

when communication leads to abuse and leaving your shitty partner equals being completely disenfranchised there's not a lot of choice there so I think maybe just shut the fuck up

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