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starting to believe these "friendly reminders" are, in fact, not friendly at all

Historical figure: I'm *ggggaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy*

Historian: "Okay to be fair, linguistically,

there are so many creatures I only know about because of animal crossing

family portrait, 2018-2020
oil and collage on canvas
30 x 40 in

sand in my pockets: technically two bedrooms but they're kinda far from each other because I'm a little chubby. no ac or windows. sometimes I open the roof and put my whole hand inside. $3025 per month, pet rent is $25 per month. 2 pet limit under 25 pounds. NO SMOKING.

going out the back door of the fediverse to pretend to smoke on the curb outside

creating a dating site for landlords only and using it to become a very specific type of serial killer

logging on here to see a dozen flowless posts about dead landlords has the same energy as smelling my morning coffee

awakening from a deep slumber:

coot feet, blaseball, kill landlords, 😬 but long

covid, airborne transmission 

article about aerosol transmission and why too little is done against it:

I notice in germany, we are a little ahead of the US, because we started to come out of "mask denial" a bit earlier and now we're informed about aerosols a bit earlier, but still, here as well, too little is done against this mode of transmission.

#covid #pandemic

hey hey if you enjoy indie comics especially detailed soft lesbian ones with beach theming you should support my girlfriend's attempts to do another run of her 36 page one-shot sunshowers. >$15 gets you a physical copy too!

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