my old ipod also has music by a dude I was like madly in love with from 6th grade until I was like 21 when he finally visited me and we had really awful sex and then stopped talking to each other 😀

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I have charged my old ipod and it includes such gems as:

- bayside
- ben kweller
- circa survive
- death cab for cutie
- the hush sound
- lady gaga
- mgmt
- motion city soundtrack
- passion pit
- skrillex
- tilly and the wall
- tsunami bomb

this was probably updated last around 2011-2013

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Walter Wallace Jr Family Support GoFundMe. His wife is carrying their child and is due soon.

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we also have back to the future on blueray, dvd, and vhs. this is normal.

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unpacking the boxes we were sent from home with all our old stuff in them. things of note so far have been:

- my ipod nano like 3rd gen I think
- my prom and graduation dresses
- a nickelodeon alarm clock
- a recipe binder with publix aprons recipe cards tucked in the back
- chris's marty mcfly costume
- napoleon dynamite on dvd which I paid $15.99 for, used

currently taking bets on whether the bastard alarm will go off again as I take my food out of the oven or if it will simply mind it's own business

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it's me, the person that accidentally set off their fire alarm and has been shaking for 7 minutes lmao

*playing breath of the wild* I am.... a chef

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maybe I'll go fully off the rails and give myself like ten middle names that I use interchangeably

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I just turned on the closet light in order to get dressed before remembering that I haven't put away the laundry in years* ,,,welp

*a couple weeks

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It's funny the things we find comfort in
It's funny the things that make us feel again
I still want you in a bad way
I wanna see you on your bad days
Oh I want you in the worst ways 🎶

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