cycle sync up but it's just when your tiktok fyp syncs up with your partner's

I'm sleepy and I want to cuddle and watch bad movies and that's it >:[

I did think we were over trying to shame people into voting for biden on here but,

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the dems really try so hard to lose its astonishing. have we told them that they're trying to win? I'm not sure they understand the underlying goals here

anyway I painted the background of my painting and then fell asleep so I did great today


alright well I've seen a tiktok explaining dissociative dysphoria so that explains one thing wrong with me at least



deeply considering my relationship with clothing with this new information. it makes so much more sense now that I feel extremely distressed if I don't feel like I'm wearing a cute outfit, like... the outfit is me. the body and face... I don't know that bitch. it makes sense to me now.

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im tucked into a blanket of moss now, taking whatever the rock equivalent of a nap is

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