I was in the middle of writing up a huge essay about how frustrating things have been On Here for the past year and half or so but I'm just going to boil it down to a few points:

- the vicious and horrible treatment that people on myass endured every single day just for existing was and is extremely fucked up and the white people on here that egged it all on have Issues.

- this place is not safe nor welcoming to people with vaginas and that's that


- this place is not safe nor welcoming to survivors of assault and that's that

- the behavior floating around pre and post election with the vote shaming and policing of how people reacted to the results of the election yesterday was shameful. just stop telling other people how to feel, it's fucked up.


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I am not saying that this is a fedi exclusive problem but this is maybe the only place I have ever tried to be my full self online and the fact is that it's not actually safe here for me to do that. I often regret the openness that I approached this place with and I can't see myself continuing to do that here. Shit stopped being fun a long time ago.

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@momjeans finally someone talks about the second point you made

@FirstProgenitor I have really tried to keep saying that but a lot of times it feels like something that people do not want to acknowledge or have deeper introspection about at all

Genital mention 

@momjeans I definitely agree with the second point. Most of mastodon is still so phallocentric and hostile towards people who have a clitoris, I have literally seen posts talking about how great and powerful dicks are or implying that not having a dick makes you weaker etc.

And obviously there's some more subtle posts as well, but theres enough obvious ones to go around 😬

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