I have to personally imagine that there would be a lot less trauma for everyone if people could actually leave traumatic situations because they could just live somewhere and have food and water and health care without their shitty parents or spouses or roommates or landlords.

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@momjeans A lot less retraumatization too, and maybe some opportunities to like, actually process and heal.

I mean, I've not done that kind of therapy, but I imagine it's sort of hard to recover from trauma while it's happening.

@dartigen oh yeah for sure, that too. I can only speak from my own experience but therapy was completely useless for me when I was being abused for that reason and also because my abuser had control over my access to therapy and medication so I just had to wait until I was out of that situation and an adult and beyond that until I could afford to pay out of pocket before I could even go to therapy that has been helpful.

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