That time I made a man really angry on the internet and then completely roasted him for an hour

@momjeans why are you 30 with no job and no career prospects?
Glass houses.

@momjeans Skill looks like luck if you have none. Even if the skill in question is... very common. And not particularly impressive.

@evilcorgi also super simple skills: having a sense of humor, knowing what sarcasm is, not caring what someone thinks of not even you on the internet especially when you think you're better than them

@evilcorgi also not assuming you know anything about a stranger's situation just because your panties are in a twist lmaooo

@momjeans you literally posted about how you're 30 and don't have a job or a degree so idk what you even mean.

@evilcorgi and you have zero context as to why nor will I justify it to someone who gets upset about someone not even talking to them lol

@momjeans I'm a walking pile of animate human failure, and I have a job. Nobody else who lives in the first world and doesn't have a 2-digit IQ has any excuse whatsoever.

@momjeans my job doesn't require me to be funny, so that's fine. Hopefully yours doesn't either.
Oh wait nevermind

@evilcorgi idk do you like want a cookie or something for having a job?

@momjeans no I'm just really trying to hammer home that someone who's 30, has a sound mind and still doesn't have a job or degree isn't in a position to make fun of anyone. For anything.

They're particularly not in a position to make a sexist joke towards literally half of the world-population. The main reason being that, most of them have jobs and contribute to society. And you don't.

@natehousley @momjeans I joined like 30 minutes ago and have had 1 argument with an unemployed sexist. I dunno why anyone would follow me at this point.

@evilcorgi @natehousley lol sexism against men is so bad it definitely hurts their day to day running of the world so sorry to men

@natehousley @momjeans because I've been on the platform for 30 minutes and have had one highly uninteresting conversation.

@evilcorgi ooo but see that's where you're wrong assuming I have a sound mind and why I brought up that you have no context as to why I don't have a job but you do you buddy

@momjeans yeah I highly doubt you have any mental illness that would completely prevent you from getting any job whatsoever (in fact, I'd be willing to bet on it), but sure. If you're really unable to get a job, I guess you're just a sexist, not an unemployed sexist.

@evilcorgi @momjeans okay but consider this: all cis men are bad and should feel bad, regardless of employment level

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@evilcorgi good thing you're not my doctor then?? love to be be sexist against men who aren't funny

@momjeans do I need to give you extra time to think of a new joke orrrrrrrrrr are you just gonna stick with that one?

It's like, 6 years old. I dunno if it's still good dude.

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@evilcorgi @momjeans what an unbelievable service you are performing here what with the hammering home and whatnot. a great, important endeavor, very much needed in this day and age of not having enough randos on the internet cherry picking another person's social media posts and passing judgment on their life choices.

@momjeans it's pretty amazing. whatever the opposite of funny is, he just modeled it for all to see. while also being a jerk


@evilcorgi @momjeans you have "market socialist" in your bio, this would be a great time to never speak again

@momjeans Because they think they're funny. It's kind of a self-fulfilling anti-prophecy.

@momjeans Too much focus on punching down because privilege makes us think that’s funny automatically... like that poor-shaming dude in replies. Fuck that guy

“Why are men” is really an evergreen post.

@momjeans I don’t know how you put up with this crap. I just blocked the whole instance lol (I’m also 30, technically employed but not being paid enough for an independent existence even with disability... so it touched a nerve with me)

@capefeather it's been a while since I had a good toy around with male feelings so I was feelin it tonight. But yeah they can fuck off they have no concept of my situation so I don't really give a shit what they have to say.

@momjeans don't you Know? People without jobs aren't allowed to Have Fun.

@momjeans hahaha how could anyone roast him better than he did himself when he said he was basically here between Reddit posts

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