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Hate and kill hate and kill
I'm gonna set your son on fire

I've started reporting men that send me messages like, "hi," as spam on instagram and getting their accounts deleted and it is incredibly satisfying.

I'm mad I didn't listen to joji sooner because that's a lot of hours I could've been listening to joji

We've just started taking her food dish when she does this now so I'm now the dirt that covers her bowl or something like that.

Hashtag deep.

cishet men artists who say 'the female figure' should never be allowed to draw anyone who isnt a cishet man

My cat: instinctively "buries" her food after she's done eating.

Also my cat: starts eating the dog's food from his dish immediately following the previous action.

ugh i'll believe a sagittarius does what they said they were gunna do when i fuckin see it. flighty mother fuckers.

pls donate i want to raise this surgery money asap£AshleyMVillers

any paypal/cash app donations will be moved over myself so i can add it to the full total!! unfortunately i can’t get venmo & cash app doesn’t do international transfers because i’m based on the UK so paypal and the gofundme are the best bet 💕

Here's where I am in my Pokémon FireRed nuzlocke: I call us the Problematic Poison Posse.

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where is sel I want to say "hi sel" to sel

I had a dream that big toe nail was really long. No further details.

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