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Radicalizing gamers by telling them that without capitalism they can have all the skins and shit be accessible for everyone with the base game

You cannot talk about IT (computers) when I think you're talking about IT (clown)

my bullet journal has been working for a lot of stuff but it has not helped me remember that the bullet journal exists

Climbing a mountain so I can yell out, "cops are class traitors!!!!" from the summit and the whole earth will hear me

The withered husk of my body will probably still be doing big sighs about life for the next millennia

I will lay on the floor right now and then never get up again because it is too difficult and I want to be melancholy and overly dramatic for the rest of time.

more insect pics [cute!] 

please god no don’t make me get out of bed i just want to lay down and comfortably fart

okay here is a wedding registry that doesnt dox me if youre interested in getting me and my fiancee something for our upcoming wedding!

we're getting married on halloween but the reception is on nov 2 so

pls note you dont have to get us anything....we aren't in need right now or anything, just celebrating our new apartment and soon to be marriage!

I'm disappointed by how many of y'all don't know fashion. Jules deserves a cute mullet.

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