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I figured I'd do an updated intro for my new account. I am the artist formerly known as @howmundane

I'm a 26 year old lady and I live in with my husband and cat.

I love and getting beat up at . I will likely post a or two since I'm starting to get into making them.

I also love to talk about and .

men are from mars, women are from venus, and i’m from the dumpster behind 7/11

Your sun? Wack.
Your moon? Wack.
Your rising? Wack.

Me? I'm tight as fuck!

I would like a bullshit umbrella. A bullshit fence, to keep the bullshit out. A bullshit coat, and gloves. A comprehensive plan to tackle the high levels of bullshit.

Just gotta make 10 cakes and 20 servings of popcorn... Krampus come send me to hell.

I really hope the one piece of hair on my jaw is doing their best. I will never pluck you baby

if my nail polish isn’t causing car accidents then it’s not sparkly enough

boost this so more people can find me again on their alts i miss everyone i miss knzk crew

My toots get the most interaction after my partner @momjeans boosts them. I call it the "Emmagene Bump

Gonna start posting about sports teams like a fandom person like

Oh I love my seahawks, I hope they win the game. I just love to see them happy when they win. When they lose I just want to hold them in my arms and comfort them like the smol beans they are deep down

I think if I went to the us I’d see a mammal without a pouch and just fall down

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