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baby posting (-) 

Fediversary thread, appreciation 

i hope my club penguin boyfriend's doing alright, wherever he is

Fediversary thread, appreciation 

Honestly want to slash the tires of whoever's got the fash stickers all over their car in my neighborhood

It's been a weird day. I took two naps and am still tired and I accidentally gave the pets each other's food this morning and didn't notice until their dinner time.

Bye bye 👋👋 can't say it's been enjoyable knowing anna but I am sad about losing people I've connected with on her instance and I really do hope they get sick of her doing the same old shit and move and that we find each other again.

I started walking up earlier and now I can process time properly or something because there's no way it's not 6pm right now. Absolutely no way.

I am also mad about the guy who wrote like an essay kissing the asses of all the apartment managers. I have mad second hand embarrassment on that one.

lol i accidentally cw'd something "cw" instead of the actual cw

the way we use the words drama and discourse is bad and we should stop

I'm still mad about the person who referred to a fire alarm as "falarm" in our apartment's resident forum. It took me so long to figure out what the fuck he was talking about. That's not like a common shorthand??? Just type the whole word???

if anyone's looking to relocate to some fresh surroundings, i'm open to taking some mutuals over here on
:tp_r: :tp_e: :tp_d: :tp_r: :tp_o: :tp_o: :tp_m:

it's small and the local is 98% me, but i've got some cool emojos over here and block shitty instances quickly and readily


My last thing on the subject but w.l is silenced until either a real apology with no qualifications or blaming, or the next infraction, so we’re still following who we follow but would recommend considering switching instances


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