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It's military propaganda but so is iron Man and that doesn't stop me from enjoying it

Maybe can we just stop letting the DoD bankroll Hollywood movies???

Eager to watch captain marvel... But also... I'm not???

the orange vanilla c*ca c*ola is actually pretty good

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Might fuck around and try to get an IT apprenticeship

When you're an uncircumcised penis

(Selfie, ec, not Lewd)

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Started a Pokemon Yellow nuzlocke on a whim. RIP Remy the Ratata, who died because I wasn't paying attention

I wish Pokémon Go Snapshot had more features. I know they just added it but I'd like to see them able to do more than just the attack animations, maybe the poses from Pokémon Amie/Refresh. Maybe someday

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Sittin' in a cafe in Omaha because it's 9° F as fuck outside

(Selfie, ec)

I'm going on a plane tomorrow, recommend me some movies to download on Netflix

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When I finally quit Starbucks I'm gonna paint my fingernails

Pokémon Go to the Polls 

Pokémon Go To The Polls 

Pokémon Go To The Polls 

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