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I feel like I have to wash my hands after listening to this new Weezer album

Halfway through the new Weezer album, it's okay so far but I'll probably never listen to it again after this. Just like all the other ones

When I'm an old man I'm gonna start saying, "I wish I could say my memory ain't what it used to be, but I'm afraid it's always been this bad."

Simple & Clean (Kingdom Hearts theme) - Evanescence Remix

An LGBTQ+ housing complex called "The Bottom Dweller"

An LGBTQ+ restaurant called "The Bottom Feeder"

An LGBTQ+ thrift store called The Bottom Drawer"

An LGBTQ+ 5K called "Race to the Bottom"

An LGBTQ+ business newsletter called "The Bottom Dollar"

I'm against rebooting Back to the Future but if they do it the only person I'd trust in the lead role is Rhea Butcher.

Excuse me for the next year while I go full Bernard Sanders brother

Maybe it's just spite talking but I can't wait for the day that Hilary Clinton has to stand in front of the DNC and endorse Bernie Sanders for president.

"Bernie Sanders" translates to "Bernard who smooths or polishes with sandpaper" and I think that's beautiful

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