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I am sorry Mastodon I have failed you I have been on the birdsite for several weeks. I humbly accept your punishment

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I've been on the birdsite for the past two weeks what's the tea

I'm very sleepy but I can't seem to fall asleep

Hey kids, you want to know who really went "sicko mode?"

Jesus Christ

I wonder if my manager at Starbucks would notice or care if I started showing up to work high

Some stuff I want to do when I quit my second job:

• Spend time with my partner outside is our apartment
• Go to a therapist
• do stuff with DSA
• do some more D&D things

I want a mug that says "Billionaire Tears"

Meet Certified Professional Therapists In Your Area NOW

These Educated Doctors Can't Wait to Talk To YOU


I guarantee Jeff bezos could walk up to the White House, drop a few billion on the table and just move in and take power and everyone would just step aside and let him

Anyone else think the ending to the Lion The Witch and the wardrobe was pointless? Why did they de-age back to kids? Why bother going back through the wardrobe at all. They deleted the stakes as if it was all a dream or a game of make-believe. Even as a kid I thought that was cheap

Slept maybe a half hour I was so stressed

Getting a jury summons is like winning the worst lottery ever

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@medic I refuse to read anything written by someone who wears a bandana

Infinite jest? More like infinite book, I ain't reading that shit

I currently work at the Starbucks in Howard's home neighborhood so I actually see him fairly often ama

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