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Bernie has been tweeting some stuff lately that make me think he's moving left.

Does someone have an emoji of Hannibal Burress saying wack?

When I was watching the fire festival doc I kept waiting for Nathan Fielder to show up

The air traffic controllers successfully stopping the shutdown marks the beginning of e end of the era of weakened workers unions, that started when Reagan fired all those air traffic controllers for striking. It's just like the movie Fever Pitch when Jimmy Fallon broke the Bambino's curse by not selling his Red Sox preseason pass

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I think my retropie setup will be named the Game ENBY. I don't know what ENBY will stand for but it's gonna be good


Mastodon I managed to register the Instagram handle howardschultz2020 what should I do with it


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I've got my retropi set up, what are some of your must-plays?

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Yelling "don't strain!" at your husband while he poops is just being a good spouse tbh

This is mostly just to make it easier to SSH among other stuff

Linux people: should I give my Raspberry Pi a static IP on my home network? Would it break things if I made the IP something like

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@medic can i go one further

can we just hang all the billionaires upside down so all their money falls out and we ignite it like-self-fuelling pyres which burn the money as kindling as the flames immolate the billionaires from the head on… up and turn them into slabs of roast hork

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The campaign song for Comrade JEB! 2020 is going to be a Dixie Chicks cover of The International

I know this isn't very PC of me to say, but

Billionaires should be hung upside down by their ankles until all of their money comes out and then we will eat them

Call me paranoid but the airpods memes showed everywhere all at once so I'm convinced that apple is astroturfing them

Covington Catholic? More like Covfefe Catholic!

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