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Batman needs to have more one-liners. Sam Raimi can write them, and oh boy can Bruce Campbell deliver them

My live action Batman reboot pitch:

Written and directed by Sam Raimi,
Bruce Campbell as Batman,
And for the first time ever as the Joker in live action, Mark Hamill.

The Dark Knight was about as good as you can get with a dark, brooding Batman, another Batman series needs to take a more fun approach. Sam Raimi has the direction to give the series just enough camp while still being true to the Caped Crusader's dark side. It will walk the line between Adam West's Batman and Christian Bale's

150 million workers and workers in India are taking part in a two-day general strike, which is probably the biggest general strike in history.

@medic yeah i mean it's pretty obv that's the whole point of the app.

love when the company i work for does shady shit and then tries to act like i'm the untrustworthy one!

@medic sure hope you don't leak the fact that it's 3 pumps of gross chai syrup for a tall otherwise starbucks is fucked!

My employer (Starbucks) wants me to install an app that needs these permissions on my personal cell phone just so I can look at my schedule. Something I can do from the website without a pointless privacy-invading app. I say no way, Joseph.

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@ People who love Wawa so much

Damn it's a fuckin gas station with a goofy name, like why????

This post is mostly to get my partner's goat, because they're from Indiana and I like to make fun of deep dish

If deep dish is real pizza then why does the Pizza emoji look like 🍕? Checkmate, Illinois

I wonder why more leftists aren't into R. Buckminster Fuller

I'm 40 minutes in and this this film has had a murder but it's the most wholesome romantic comedy I've ever seen

power washing my eyes to make them into pearly whites

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America's is one server in the network