Thinking about prestiging my Mastodon account

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@Taweret Hozier is not from Indiana, Cake is just some guys and not a sweet dessert

@AudreyJune I thought about that but AD is trying to be a parody of people like that. (I think whether it is successful is a different question.) It's basically the same show as family guy, so I'd put it in authoritarian Left, maybe a bit toward the center.

Political alignment meme: who would say this is accurate?

Lewd, shitpost 

Rest in Power :fat_pikachu2: Maverick the Pikachu, :fat_pikachu: your death will not be in vain

Equinox comes from Latin meaning "night horse" because it was believed that a horse would come in at night and change the seasons up

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is it gay to unionize? You be organizing workers into a union. ☕️🤔

Gonna shave my head tomorrow and do the bald+beard look. Will be a handsome boy.

The famous "The Aristocrats" joke but it's the Clinton family

I wonder what pornhub's traffic was like during the Facebook outage the other day

The only difference is that your cheeseburger has arugula on it

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