It's been a while since I shared this, so...
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It's here. The best beverage. I drink one bottle of these a day to stay healthy and strong

Yugi, you are so pathetic. Your grandfather's pitiful cards are no match for Exodia the Forbidden One

Eye contact

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I'm intentionally cultivating a young Fidel Castro look so when my customers at Starbucks bring it up I have an opportunity to spread Communist propaganda

Selfie, ec

Real hanging out on the floor in the back room because you're too early for work hours who's up

Selfie, ec

Part 2. Shit like this was why i stayed on Tumblr long after my mufos left

Before you use iMessage features in a group chat with your coworkers, think about the consequences, The people you are hurting.

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America's is one server in the network