So smoothie was spilled on the keyboard so I took all the keys off and I made you this

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My employer (Starbucks) wants me to install an app that needs these permissions on my personal cell phone just so I can look at my schedule. Something I can do from the website without a pointless privacy-invading app. I say no way, Joseph.

Me on Mastodon posting internal corporate documents where Starbucks corporate sock puppet accounts aren't looking

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My 2012 Samsung Chromebook (pictured) is slow and getting nearly unbearable to use. Im considering installing Linux to eeke a few more years of useful life out of it, is it worth it? Are there any good distros that are good for old Chromebooks like this?

Who remembers when Starbucks made that absolutely soulless Bojack Horseman ripoff about how happy everyone in the Starbucks is

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