@erou took me a second. Would we have to come up with a universal base notation? Maybe in binary? Base 10 is 1010 and base 4 is 100

@medic @erou we could always do stuff like

base 9+1
base 3+1

like just use the biggest number in the base +1

@mumintrollet @erou yeah but then people at base 3+1 would be like what the fuck is a 9

@medic @mumintrollet I guess you could just say base 9 is base 3 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 🙃

@erou @mumintrollet

So we have to use unary then.

I use base 1111111111

@medic @mumintrollet Yep, and then as soon as you have defined your 10 (whatever number this is) symbols, everyone agree on what the number 163 is :)

@medic Yep I guess this would work, or naming bases with roman numbers like @anathem suggested, or with sticks!

Base IV or base IIII 🙂

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