Why is it that whenever anyone talks about the thirty hour work week they only do so in reference to office jobs? Like of course 30 hour winds are more productive in an office, office workers only do maybe 4 hours of real work in a week. as a worker who actually produces real commodities instead of bullshit I want the freedom to have less time being expected to produce stuff for other people

@medic Dunno, man. As far as I'm concerned, nobody should have to work more than one eight hour day out of seven to "earn a living".

@starbreaker I agree. I'm just talking about what the current labor movement and what ideas are considered possible and what's too "out there"

@starbreaker @medic

My goal is a world where people don’t have to do these things in order to sustain “a living.”

@starbreaker @medic

Sure. Don’t think that needs to be tied to having a “living” though. Look at all the people that program and manage instances here, just because they want to.

@AudreyJune @medic I've been doing that for years, trying to understand. It's thankless, dehumanizing work, and I would only do it out of necessity or to get paid.
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