Now that the ball is rolling on a $15 minimum wage, the labor movement needs to look further. I'm of the mind that we need to do away with the 40 hour work week.

We should fight for $20/hr, 30 hrs a week. that will get you the same weekly rate as $15 at 40 hrs. Overtime pay will kick in at 30 hours worked, with time and a half equaling $30/hr at minimum wage. Part time employees will be anyone working 20 hours or fewer, full time is anyone above that

@medic The issue is that they've delayed 15 for so long that it's no longer worth what it was when we asked for it in the first place.

The capitalists have set a bit of a clever trap. Now we need more than 15 to survive, and they'll paint us as "greedy" for moving the goal.

...of course, hard to make accusations like that when the guillotines are running......

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