I had to take a picture of this license plate because I knew nobody would believe me

This is the best a toot of mine has ever done

@medic I’m going to be honest, I’m looking at it and I STILL don’t believe you.

@medic i wonder how many others would rather be Al Gore watching anime...

@Absolutely_Blakely the triple threat of rock and Morty stickers and the double NRA stickers are a nice touch imo.

@bridge @Absolutely_Blakely

weird does it say
"F U T U R E M A L L S H O O T E R" on the bumper?

@medic why am I looking at this going "I'm a cancer too and would do this"

@zoeferal it's not all that great, Jeff bezos is basically our Mayor For Life

@medic i'm probably gonna settle in some smaller city tbh. I just miss the region

@zoeferal that's kind of what we're doing. We might move to Oregon or some cheaper place in Washington

So are they Al Gore and they would rather be watching anime or do they *want* to be Al Gore watching anime?

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