I had to take a picture of this license plate because I knew nobody would believe me

This is the best a toot of mine has ever done

@medic I’m going to be honest, I’m looking at it and I STILL don’t believe you.

@medic i wonder how many others would rather be Al Gore watching anime...

@Absolutely_Blakely the triple threat of rock and Morty stickers and the double NRA stickers are a nice touch imo.

@bridge @Absolutely_Blakely

weird does it say
"F U T U R E M A L L S H O O T E R" on the bumper?

@medic why am I looking at this going "I'm a cancer too and would do this"

So are they Al Gore and they would rather be watching anime or do they *want* to be Al Gore watching anime?

@medic @root if i have to be Al Gore to watch anime instead of drive, i’ll be Al Gore.

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