if conservatives have conservapedia, why dont we have commiepedia

There are only five Christmas songs I will willingly listen to and they are these:

I Am Become Christmas: youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4N

Why had nobody thought to mashup brodyquest with All Star? It makes a certain sense

If I we're to play in a modern magic D&D campaign I'd be a bard named Neil Scarycitrus and my spells would just be Lemon Demon songs

Yeah I know what Marxist-Lennonism is

Imagine there's no bourgeois
It's easy is you try

i still don't know what popping off means. please give me fake definitions

why does unicode include 🔞 but not :over18:?

To all the people that followed me for the Al Gore license plate, I'm sorry in advice for disappointing you

it still blows my god damn mind when i think about tay zonday making a song about the effects of white supremacy, becoming a meme, then doing a remix of the song to advertise cherry chocolate diet dr. pepper

oh man I forgot how fucked up the portrayal of the oompa loompas is in the book. in the book's early editions they were just Africans he basically enslaved. so he made them into fantastical creatures in later editions

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